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Weekly Baby Horoscope – September 10 Edition

These weeks are flying—how are we already nearly halfway through September? We’re sure time is moving even quicker if you’ve been counting down weeks for your future baby. This week is all about crossing your Ts and dotting your Is. Get organized! You’ve bought everything new for the baby, but have you set up each room as easy for you as possible? Imagine finding everything you need with one permanently occupied. Chat with other parents about what small secrets worked best for them. Take everything you can into consideration.  For example, preparing for the 4 a.m. baby wake up the night before is something to consider! Here’s to hoping this week is a lovely one for the expectant parents, and congratulations! Here are some names for the newest Virgos making an appearance this week.

Jackson (English): The son of Jack or John
Elijah (Hebrew): Jehovah is my god
Omar (Arabic): A flourishing man; One who is well-spoken
Louis (German): A famous warrior

Etta (American): Ruler of the house
Hannah (Hebrew): Having favor and grace; In the Bible, mother of Samuel
Christina (English): Follower of Christ
Alaia (Arabic): One who is majestic, of high worth


Weekly Baby Horoscope – September 4 Virgo Edition

Virgos are intuitive, intelligent thinkers with a driven focus. Those sound like positive traits for your future baby, right? Parents expecting baby Virgos this week can look forward to a smiley, bubbly baby to make an arrival! Who doesn’t love the infectious happiness from a smiling baby? This week should involve talking things out to make decisions on Tuesday, but the middle of the week is more cut and dry—things are just getting done. Talk when needed, of course. The weekend indicates that asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of; new babies can look forward to this for a few years, at least! Here are some of top names for your new smiling baby!

Nick (English): Form of Nicholas, meaning “of the victorious people”
Jeffrey (German): A man of peace
Adam (Hebrew): Of the earth
Ryan (Gaelic): The little ruler; Little king

Rachel (Hebrew): The innocent lamb; In the Bible, Jacob’s wife
Rose (Greek): Resembling the beautiful and meaningful flower
Michelle (French): Feminine form of Michael; Who is like god?
Amy (Latin): Dearly loved



Leo Weekly Horoscope – August 13 Edition

It’s a wonderful week to be a baby Leo! This week starts off strong with Monday being identified as the day to make things happen. “A social gathering on Monday could be a productive place to get things sorted out,” the Yahoo! horoscope explains. So Monday might be a good day to iron out names and initials, don’t you think? The middle of the week seems like a time for introspection. If you’ve made any plans for your baby, name or otherwise, Tuesday and Wednesday are the days to spend really analyzing your decision. This is the last full week in August for babies to be born under the lion zodiac. If you’re expecting soon, here are the names of some famous celebrities born at the end of Leo sign!

Alfred Hitchcock, August 13
Joe Jonas, August 15
Ben Affleck, August 15
Matthew Perry, August 19

Mila Kunis, August 14
Jennifer Lawrence, August 15
Julia Child, August 15
Kristen Wiig, August 22


Chinese New Year: Year of the Dragon

The most important holiday of the year in China is the celebration of the Chinese New Year. This year, the Dragon will be celebrated in honor of the festivities. The New Year in China is known as the “Spring Festival” and marks the end of the winter season. The dragon is believed to be a mythical creature that brings with it optimism and hope for times ahead. Of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the dragon is deemed the most powerful, being associated with high energy and prosperity. For a powerful and prosperous name for your soon-to-be consider the following baby names:


Andrew (Greek): Strong and manly
Brian (Irish): Strong; virtuous; humble
Ethan (Hebrew): Strong; firm
Harvey (French): Battle worthy


Audrey (English): Noble strength 
Imara (Kiswahili): Firm
Neima (Hebrew): Strong
Valencia (Spanish): Brave; strong